Optimise your marketing with Microsoft Ads

Although not as popular as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Search is beginning to increase slowly and is the second biggest search engine behind Google. 

If you think about it, every new desktop PC sold uses Microsoft as their default search engine. Some may switch back over to Google, but most will most likely just keep it as the default depending on the age bracket.

Engaged Users​

With the average paid ad campaign costing one-third the price of Google Ads, utilising Microsoft Ads will mean you are in front of your customers at a cheaper cost.​ Approx. 40% of Microsoft users are 35 to 54 yrs old, is this your demographic?

Cost Effective

Ads run through Microsoft tend to target more engaged consumers. Paid ads on Microsoft report higher click through rates from customers, but can be at a lower cost that Google.​ We can help your business rise with a great campaign.

Boost Your PPC

Microsoft search is beginning to rise in popularity, but it still has a lot of ground to catch up on Google. Why not compliment your overall PPC strategy by targeting more engaged consumers who can't be found on Google Ads.​

Microsoft Ads are cheap...  seriously cheap!

Microsoft Ads may not deliver the amount of volume as Google Ads, they more than make up for that in performance. As is similar across all paid search engine keyword auctions, if there are more bidders and more competition, this drives the cost of each click up. Microsoft campaigns on average spends 20-35% of what you’d expect to spend a Google campaign budget. This means it’s a great investment for businesses with a smaller budget, or those looking for a more cost-effective marketing initiative. 

Currently, over 3% of Australians are making search engine enquiries using Microsoft (that’s 826,560 potential customers we could be directing to your business). With almost 40% of Microsoft searchers ranging from 35 to 54 years old, it may be worth considering a Microsoft campaign with Media Booth™ if this is similar to your target demographic.


Microsoft Ads mean higher click-through rates & reach

Microsoft captures 63 million unique searches that Google does not. This is can be a big opportunity for business owners to capture an audience that is currently not being targeted. It’s quite common for users of Microsoft to be more engaged with a campaign landing page, and report higher click-through rates.

Media Booth™ can help with this! Get in touch now.

Compliment your other PPC strategies

When you think about investing in Microsoft Ads, you shouldn’t take a “this instead of that” approach. They are a fantastic investment because at an affordable price you can complement your current PPC strategy by targeting a different audience at a fair price. 

With the ability to import your existing or previous Google Ads campaigns, we can seamlessly and effortlessly setup a Microsoft campaign for you that quickly starts you getting in front of the right people.

Geo-Target Marketing

Our team can set up a geo-targeting marketing strategy so that your ads are displayed to potential customers visiting, currently at, or previously been to a certain location.   


Remarketing targets the people that visit your website but didn't convert. You have a small amount of time for your ads to target these people across Google when the right tools are used.

Targeted Landing Pages

Targeted landing pages are customised to a specific campaign or offer and ultimately guide a visitor towards a single goal. It is designed to convert a click on a paid ad to a lead.  

Domain Names & Hosting

This is where your online presence begins... once you have your web site design handled you need to get it online, and so will need a domain and a subscription to a hosting package.