Workflow Automation

One of the most difficult tasks for business is trying to cut down on labour and time spent carrying out mundane tasks. We work with businesses to deliver workflow automation solutions that are easy to implement and cost-effective for any sized business. 

Zapier is the ultimate tool for connecting apps such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, Facebook and more. With the ability to connect two or more apps for automating repetitive tasks without the need for coding or developers. 

Moving information has never been easier. There are thousands of different workflows you can create.

No Programming​

No experience or technical skill with computers? No worries. This little application can automate your emails, manage your socials, and more.​


Zapier allows you to automate ENTIRE processes, compared to single tasks. Including multi-step actions, filters, search, and more.​

Google Workspaces

Why not connect with Google Workspaces for updates on in-progress tasks or projects? Forget switching through multiple apps, you only need 1.

Multi-Step Workflow Automation

To create a real workflow, you need to start chaining automation processes together. Multi-step automation (or multi-step zaps), are a string of events which you can set to occur with one single trigger. Imagine trying to move your photos from an email straight to your dropbox. This can be done in an instant thanks to multi-step automation. 

Zapier simply talks to your Gmail to grab the images, then talks with DropBox to upload the images. 

This is just one of example of how effective multi-step automation is for any business. 


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Features of Zapier's
Workflow Automation 

Workflow automation can also delay tasks

Start the workflows from any app

Finish routine rasks automatically 

Huge variety of available integrations

Automatically share posts across social media

Choose a trigger, define an action, and go


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