TV and Video Production

By keeping all aspects of our TV and Video Production in-house, we can drive your message much further than our competitors. It will be filmed, edited, cut, screen grabbed, twisted, voiced over, and everything under the sun by the Media Booth™ team.

Our TV Production Team offer several ways to approach your project, dependent entirely on your goals and target market. From commercials through to full cinematic productions, including aerial drones and more.

Our Video Production Team are experts in so many production styles from product review production, to sales video production, to explainer video production, to documentary video production and much more. Our sister company ProFlight also offers licensed and insured aerial videography and aerial photography services to compliment your next video. 

Professional TV Production

When you are producing a video of a large scale, the devil is in the details. The concept stage is of most importance. Such things like the time of day, equipment required, talent and back up talent needed, any logistical matters and much more have to be considered and finalised well before shoot date. Storyboards/shot lists need to be reviewed with a fine tooth comb and the weather needs to be monitored at least one week prior to shooting in case the shoot needs to be rescheduled, if possible. If you are interested in showing your product or service on TV, we would love to discuss your project with you.

Experienced Crew​

With a large and highly experienced production crew, creative in-house editors, amazing visual and audio effects producers, and scriptwriters, we consistently deliver maximum engagement with every video production.​

Video Experts​

Creating as many videos as we do for the large variety of brands that trust us to create amazing work for them, requires planning & plenty of 'know how'. Media Booth™ is here to get your message out wherever you are located. 

Our Studio​

Our Gold Coast studio includes a dedicated green screen room , shot using the latest 4K UHD technology, lighting, and audio equipment. We hire out the room at really affordable rates with or without crew and equipment.​

TV Production

Looking to show your production to a broader audience? YouTube or social media just won’t suffice. Have you considered TV? Of course, a production for TV is going to be a larger investment & so it should be. If you are considering showing your project to an audience as broad as free to air TV, you want to ensure your project is produced to the best possible quality achievable. Sure, if a TV series like Top Gear was filmed on an early model iPhone you might still watch it, but not every production is expensive exotic cars racing around beautiful locations.


If you have a product or service you wish to show to a vast audience, a TV commercial could be the best option for you. It is recorded that 82% of Australians still watch free to air television every week. Media Booth are capable of TV Commercial production and can help get your production on the air. Your commercial may not be for free to air TV, maybe you are looking to create a commercial to be used on YouTube or Vimeo.


As time evolves, we have so much more content at the tip of our fingers. It is now possible to view what you want when you want it. Our devices have become so smart that suggestions are made based on relevant topics you have previously watched. There for you can get your series in front of your intended audience with ease.   

If you are looking to create a series for a specific audience, Media Booth™ can guide you in the correct steps to take. From concept to completion, Media Booth™ will be with you every step of the way including having your series aired on an online channel or pay per view type system. We are experienced in producing series for multiple online and broadcast platforms.


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Professional Video Production

At Media Booth™ we understand how important video can be in establishing your brand’s identity and allowing for customers to get a thorough understanding of your business before even contacting you. If you’re looking to leave a last impression before even having direct contact with a customer, video is the way to go. When you acquire our services, you won't ever ask 'I have the video, now what?', because we'll squeeze every last pixel for its maximum worth and marketing potential we also offer marketing solutions to get your video out to your targeted audience through mediums like Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more. Our team travel nationally and internationally for video production and welcome interstate and international enquires. So if you're looking for an expert team for video production on the Gold Coast then contact us, we offer video production for social media, safety videos, Youtube channels, product videos, boat review videos, tv ads and just about anything else. 

New Sound Studio

Our state of the art sound studio offers a fully sound proofed recording studio with dedicated voiceover booth and podcast setup for 4 people with an external monitoring and control room. From basic voiceovers to full tv voiceovers and professional podcast setup. 

Green Screen Studio​

Filming with a green screen allows your video production to have virtually unlimited creativity options in the post-production process.  Green screen video is perfect for how-to or instructional videos, short-term promotions, special events and even introductory video.

Gold Coast Based

We do everything under one roof at our Gold Coast based production office. By keeping our video production and content creation in-house, we can drive your message much further than our competitors. You can rest assured that Media Booth™ will do an amazing job.

Content Creators on the Gold Coast

As part of a social media video production package or stand-alone service, we can engage your audience with boosted videos specifically targeted to create trust, brand awareness and increase sales. 

The benefits are highly effective animated adverts targeting specific demographics within your customer base with results that are ‘trackable’, following target markets up to 3 months after the initial campaign. 

All our social media videos are produced on the Gold Coast.

Product Reviews Video Production

Far more effective and penetrating than a glossy brochure or wordy website, video product reviews really tell the story and let the customer know what they're getting (including incentives and current promotions). These can be utilised across multiple media channels including but not limited to Social Media, Youtube & Websites. With Proflight, we can also offer the ultimate showcase video with aerial photography and cinematography. 

We are very lucky as the Gold Coast has many great locations to shoot, with beach scenery on one side and mountain roads just a short drive away, the it is the ultimate location for your next video production project.

Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are an excellent option for products or services with complicated processes. 

Depending on the product, we'll utilise animations, demonstration footage, key point instructions, and any other method necessary to make your product or service easy to understand.

Video Blog (Vlog) Production

Social media is revolutionising communication between people, creating a whole new marketing platform. 

Brand blogging or Vlogging has become influential due to the sense of transparency given to consumers. 

Brands should recognise the importance of this and what it can do brand recognition and conversion rates.

Trade Show Display Video Production

Trade show displays utilise five different displays: Flatscreen, Displays, Projectors, Kiosks, and Custom Displays. 

Deciding what display is best will depend on your content (graphics, video, social media, news feed, or blog). 

If you're unsure what works best for your business, give us a call.

Event Trailers Video Production

An event trailer has a sense of rhythm which propels the audience through the story to help build excitement for the main show. 

Logo Sting Production

Animating your logo (logo sting), and displaying it at the beginning or end of your video is crucial for brand awareness, as it reinforces your product or service offerings.


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